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Probate Disputes May Take Many Forms

After a death occurs, the will must be probated. This means that the executor of the estate must go to court, and the will must be validated. The estate must be valued, creditors paid off and taxes paid. The remaining value of the estate must be distributed according to the terms of the will. The...

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Should You Have a Trust to Avoid Probate?

Many people consider creating a trust to avoid probate and to reduce the potential that their estate will be subject to taxes after death. Recently, Forbes looked at the question of whether it actually makes sense for many individuals and families to have a trust. The answer to whether you should create a trust or...

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Avoiding Loss of Asset Value During Texas Probate

The probate process can sometimes last for a long period of time, especially for complicated estates. Assets must be valued, creditors and taxes paid and assets and property distributed to beneficiaries. During the probate process, there is a risk that the value of the estate could be adversely impacted unless proper estate planning occurred before...

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Estate Litigation Shows the Importance of A Detailed Will

The children of Martin Luther King Jr. have been engaged in high-profile estate litigation since 2006, when their mother passed away. The latest dispute centers around whether to sell their father's personal traveling Bible and Nobel Peace prize.  Several of the children have asked a court to order their sister to turn over both items, which...

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List of 2014 Resolutions Should Include Completing a Last Will and Testament

SOURCE: Austin, TX (Law Wire News) January 15, 2014 With men and women across the state of Texas resolving to lose weight or stop smoking or spend more time with family as they prepare for the start of a new year, Austin-based attorney Tony R. Bertolino, senior counsel with Bertolino LLP, wants people to consider...

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