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Avoid Misrepresentation to Protect Your Texas Real Estate License

Negligent and fraudulent failures to disclose are a fast track to license revocation Some real estate agents throughout Texas find themselves in trouble every day for misrepresentation, ambiguity, exaggeration and omissions - in other words, lying.   The Texas Occupations Code establishes misrepresentation, dishonesty and fraud as clear grounds for license suspension or revocation. Being dishonest,...

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The "Dos and Don'ts" of Appearing Before the Texas Medical Board or Texas Board of Nursing

As you may already know from the unwanted experiences of your colleagues, the number of complaints filed with the Texas Medical Board and Texas Board of Nursing has greatly increased over the past several years. This influx of cases that must now be reviewed by overworked state board investigators is due largely to Proposition 12,...

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Houston Billionaire Charged with Fraud

As multiple stories about fraudulent investment plans have come to light, the term "Ponzi scheme" has become a common phrase in the American vocabulary over the past year. The term was originally coined based on the deception practiced by an Italian immigrant named Charles Ponzi, who was swindling Americans out of their money around the...

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Texas Considers Legislation That Would Allow Guns on Campuses

We all remember the tragedy. Nearly two years ago, a lone gunman opened fire on his fellow students at Virginia Tech and thirty-two people were left dead in the wake of the massacre. Last year, the students at Northern Illinois experienced a similar tragedy that resulted in five deaths and eighteen people wounded. The question...

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