Would You Call Saul?

Even though the final episode aired on AMC almost a year ago, Breaking Bad was placed back into the spotlight this week as it dominated the Emmy Awards. Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Drama Series – these categories and others were won by the show about a high school chemistry teacher who manufactures meth when a cancer diagnosis leaves him worried about the fate of his family.
While all of the performances recognized were outstanding, there is one character particularly close to the hearts and minds of lawyers everywhere, whether they want to admit it or not. His name is Saul Goodman. Those who watched Breaking Bad know Saul as an attorney who appears on late-night television to advertise his strip mall office location and who does not consider ethics to be a particularly important part of the job. But, there is no doubt that he is effective at his craft.
The Saul Goodman character was so popular with viewers that AMC already has invested in two seasons of a spinoff called Better Call Saul, which will detail Saul Goodman’s antics before he met Walter White. It begins airing next year and the buzz is already huge.
At Bertolino LLP, we approach each case with ethics, integrity, experience, and a determination to learn and then meet the needs of each individual client. A firm of Saul Goodmans we are definitely not. But we can appreciate and laugh along with the portrayal. And, just for fun, we would like to know what you think.
So for the Breaking Bad fans out there, would you want to hire Saul Goodman to be your attorney? And a more general question, if you have had to hire the services of an attorney before, what mattered to you before and during that first meeting? Was it personality, display of knowledge, experience, TV commercials, a recommendation from a friend?

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