Bertolino LLP takes solace in the knowledge that so many of today’s young people have their fingers on the pulse of changes in United States law. The 2023 Bertolino Impact in Government scholarship brought in several concise and thoughtful essays describing the ways some of the nation’s most fundamental legislation may change in years to come.

That said, one essay stood out from the rest. This year, Bertolino LLP’s financial support goes to Grace McAloon, an incoming student at the University of Texas at Austin. McAloon’s scholarship essay displays an intellect beyond her years as she outlines the complexities of patent law. 

McAloon’s essay expertly highlights the ways increased governmental influence has transformed the implementation and practice of patent law. Her essay goes on to anticipate how the legal practice may continue to change to benefit inventors, investors, and all parties in between.

McAloon Deep-Dives Into Patent Law

It is always a great joy listening to a burgeoning expert outline the way their field has developed over the years. McAloon may be young, but her dedication to patent law sings in every line of her Bertolino Impact in Government scholarship essay.

McAloon takes time to outline the steps involved in the patent process. She then comments on the ways government bodies like the Supreme Court have stepped in to make the process more rigorous. While this oversight can exacerbate the process, McAloon also notes that the Supreme Court’s oversight makes today’s patents more valuable.

McAloon additionally notes that patent attorneys can break down communication barriers between inventors and government bodies. While today’s inventors can still go “pro se,” representing their own best interests, McAloon praises patent attorneys for demystifying the patent process’s many steps. 

Drawing Inspiration for an Intensive Area of Study

McAloon’s interest in patent law stems both from personal passions and community support. She cites her high school physics teacher, Mrs. Feng, as a source of constant support as she applied to different colleges. 

“Mrs. Feng aided me in discovering my current career path,” she says. “My junior year of high school, amid college talk, consisted of me trying to navigate how I would combine my love for STEM with my love for law and debate. Patent law is what Mrs. Feng pointed me to, and after doing my research, I fell in love with it.”

An Ambitious Academic Career

McAloon is currently in her first year of mechanical engineering studies at the University of Texas at Austin. While she has yet to declare a minor, she intends to study Government or the Philosophy of Law. 

McAloon has ambitions outside of her academic track, though. She currently serves as a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a program designed to fast-track her professional development. She also hones her faith as a member of BSM, UT’s Baptist student ministry.

What’s more, McAloon serves as a student consultant with the Assessment, Data, Analytics, and Planning Team (ADAPT) throughout the 2023-2024 academic year. She’s also dipping her toes into the world of law as part of UT’s pre-law list-serv. 

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McAloon’s Plans for the Future

McAloon plans to use her understanding of patent law as she progresses with her career. She intends to go to law school after completing her undergraduate degree, with ambitions of continuing her education at the University of Texas. She hopes to marry her education as a mechanical engineering major with legal work to change the patent law landscape even further.

Bertolini LLP wishes her the best of luck as she begins her undergraduate career and looks forward to hearing about her pursuit of her goals in the years to come.

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How to Apply for the 2024/2025 Bertolino Impact in Government Scholarship

Bertolino LLP intends to transition away from written essays in the years to come. Students who want to follow in Grace McAloon’s footsteps will have to record video essays between 30 and 60 seconds long addressing the following points:

  • Assume we are now 50 years into the future. Describe how American society has changed in at least one significant legal way. How are people interacting with the new laws? 
  • Explain how and why the law has evolved to meet this society-impacting change. 
  • How do Americans (including the legal profession itself) interact differently with the law and people who need legal services because of this societal change? 
  • Has this change been an overall positive or negative for Americans and their interaction with the law?

Students must shoot and edit their videos before posting the content as an unlisted YouTube video. Applicants can then send their videos to Bertolino LLP alongside other essential application materials, including proof of acceptance to an accredited United States university and an unofficial transcript.

Bertolino LLP’s scholarship selection committee will not consider applications submitted without essential materials or after the scholarship’s submission deadline has closed. Interested parties should keep an eye on the firm’s website for more information about next year’s application process.

Bertolino LLP Applauds McAloon’s Whip-Smart Perspectives on Patent Law

Bertolino LLP wants to award its financial support to students with a keen eye on the future. This year, the team applauds Grace McAloon’s unparalleled passion for patent law and her interest in what developments the field may see in years to come. The firm wishes McAloon the best of luck with her continued education and proudly offers her $2,500 in scholarship aid.

Students who want to apply for next year’s Impact in Government scholarship can refer to the scholarship’s terms and conditions page for more information about its essential criteria. Bertolino Law looks forward to continuing to support passionate, forward-thinking students in the years to come.

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