As a licensed professional, you dedicated significant time to your training to be equipped to properly do your job and help people who require your serves. You have spent years building a solid reputation for being excellent at your job. If a complaint is filed against you with a Texas licensing board or regulatory agency, then all that you have worked for is put in jeopardy.
Complaints are filed against all licensed professionals in Texas. Regardless of how careful or proactive you are, allegations of wrongdoing can be levied against your license. Each licensing board in Texas has enforcement procedures in place for how to handle complaints and rules regarding sanctions and penalties that can be handed down.
In general, anyone can file a complaint against a licensed professional. Complaints against a licensed provider may be filed by a patient or former patient, patient’s family, a customer or former customer, a client, colleague, boss, another licensee, law enforcement, or another state agency. Also, many licensing boards have the power to bring complaints themselves.
The ability to file a complaint is not generally limited and complaints are reviewed and often investigated by the licensing board in which it was filed. Licensees also have a duty to reply to the licensing board requires for more information regarding a complaint. This means complaints cannot be ignored. Even if a licensee feels the complaint is meritless, if the licensing board asks for information, evidence, or a response, then the licensee has a duty to provide those things. Failure to timely reply to the licensing board may result in license suspension outright.
If you are notified of a pending complaint against your license, we urge you to seek the help of an experienced professional license defense attorney. Recognize that any complaint filed against you could put your career in jeopardy. The complaint may be baseless, or there may be extenuating circumstances, and it is important that you properly convey the facts to the licensing board.

Professional License Defense

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