When a texas electricians license comes under fire

Electricians in Texas are licensed at various levels and types of license—and some people who perform electrical work are even exempt from licensure! All those who earn their electrical license, whichever type, are extremely skilled at working with the components of electrical science and the inner workings of the buildings of Texas. But all the hard work an electrician has done to earn their license can be undone by a single complaint by a customer.
In Texas, the licensing of electricians is governed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration. The Department is also responsible for the licensure of a number of other professions. As such, it has established a highly formalized process for handling complaints against its licensees.
What an electrician whose license is under fire must recognize is that the Department was created by the legislature for the protection of the public. It’s a gatekeeper—it establishes licenses and the process by which they can be obtained. And it then manages the pool of licensees for “quality.” Any electrician found to have breached the standards of the profession—or of the given level of licensure—or to have violated any rules or laws pertaining thereto becomes subject to disciplinary action.
The disciplinary action that an electrician may be subject to depends on the level and type of violation they are found to have committed. Class A Violations are punished with fines ranging from $500-$2000. Class B Violations, which includes the performance of electrical work on an expired license, are punished with fines from $1000-$3500 and the possibility of a year’s suspension of license. Class C Violations subject the electrician to fines between $2000-$5000 alongside a range of license punishment from probated suspension all the way up to revocation of licensure. And Class D Violations are punishable by a $5000 fine, or license revocation, or both.
So when you receive notice of a complaint against your electrical license, an experienced professional license defense attorney is of great benefit throughout the process that follows. Indeed, we may be able to help prevent the worst. Do not hesitate to contact us. The more time we have to craft a response to the first communication you receive—on which there are almost always deadlines to meet—the better able we will be to craft your strategic defense and set the investigation’s scope in your favor. BERTOLINO LLP will go the distance, from the very first stage of the process (where we can be effective at forestalling disciplinary proceedings) to the end of any disciplinary proceedings that may occur as a result.
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