What To Do If A Licensing Board Requests Confidential InformationIf you are being investigated by a Texas licensing board or agency, you will be asked to provide information regarding the investigation and the complaint made against you. For some licensees this may mean the licensing board requests confidential information. Most licensed professionals have certain duties of confidentiality to the people they serve. Particularly health care professionals and attorneys have heightened legal duties of confidentiality to their patients and clients.
What to Do If A Licensing Board Requests Confidential Information
For example, while investigating a complaint the Texas Medical Board may request patient records, or the State Bar of Texas may request a client’s file pertaining to the complaint.
Regardless of what licensing or regulatory board you are dealing with, compliance with requests is critical.
Before giving a response to a licensing board it is always advisable to consult with a license defense attorney about how to properly respond. This holds true for any and all responses to the board regarding complaints and investigations. Whether you are submitting initial responses to a notice of complaint or responding to a request for document production, consult with your license defense attorney before responding.
When it comes to producing confidential documents, seek the advice of your attorney on how you should respond to the board’s request. Under no circumstances should you ignore or fail to respond to the request. It is important that you are cautious in ensuring that a waiver of confidentiality exists so that your interests are protected. This also helps to protect the interests of the affected parties whose confidential information is at issue.
Further, confirmation that a waiver of confidentiality exists helps to reduce your exposure to additional action against your professional license. Take caution to ensure that such a waiver exists for all files or records you turn over to the board. A waiver of confidentiality pertaining to one patient or client does not necessarily mean there is a waiver for other patients or clients, even if they too are part of the board’s investigation.
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