Who is tpapn the texas peer assistance program for nurses 1

The Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN) is a non-punitive, confidential, and voluntary program for RNs and LVN’s who have concerns related to substance use or mental health. TPAPN is independent of the licensing boards. However, TPAPN maintains a service contract with the Texas Board of Nursing and works cooperatively with the Board.
TPAPN recognizes that nurses are not immune to psychiatric or substance use disorders and encourages nurses to seek help with these chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal diseases. The American Nurses Association estimates approximately 10% of all nurses in the United States are dependent on drugs. If you suspect you have a problem, we encourage you to reach out to TPAPN here.
The requirements of TPAPN include:

  • TPAPN adheres to the philosophy of total abstinence from all drugs that may be abused, including alcohol, as being essential to the participating nurse’s successful recovery.
  • TPAPN monitors a participant’s recovery via their adherence with treatment recommendations, return to work restrictions, attendance at self-help meetings, and random drug tests.
  • Participation costs. Program participants are responsible for the costs of treatment and drug screens.

The majority of the TPAPN funding comes from a portion of nurse re-licensing fees. The Program has approximately 200 active volunteer nurse advocates who provide individual peer support and education to program participants.
Refer a Nurse to TPAPN
TPAPN accepts written and verbal referrals from individuals concerned about the practice of an RN or LVN in the State of Texas. Texas law provides civil immunity for those who report a nurse in good faith.
If you are concerned that a nurse with whom you work is suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues, you can refer him or her to TPAPN here.
Complaints Filed Against Nurses with the Texas Board of Nursing
The Texas Board of Nursing investigates complaints involving allegations of drug or alcohol abuse by nurses. If you are under investigation for drug or alcohol use, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced nursing license defense attorney experienced with handling drug and alcohol use allegations with the Texas Board of Nursing.
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