The Texas Physician Health Program (TXPHP) is an independent and confidential program that serves TMB applicants and licensees affected by substance use disorders, physical illness and impairment, or psychiatric conditions.
The TXPHP provides education, recognition, and assistance in diagnosis and treatment for participants through a recovery program adapted and monitored according to their specific needs. The Program serves physicians, physician assistants, acupuncturists, and surgical assistant applicants and licensees of the TMB.
The Program is overseen by its own governing board of eleven members, consisting of individuals with documented training, experience, expertise, and/or interest in the issues addressed by the TXPHP. While the Program is independent of the TMB, the TXPHP does receive administrative assistance from the TMB such as limited operating expenses and joint efforts in representing the TXPHP before the legislature.
So long as a TXPHP program participant is in compliance with the parties’ agreement, then his or her file will not be made available to the TMB. Participation on the Program alone is not considered to be under a TMB Board Order. However, in specific cases a TXPHP participant could also be subject to a TMB Order. Also, TXPHP participation does not provide immunity from issues that fall under the jurisdiction of the TMB.
What Does the Texas Physician Health Program Strive to Achieve?
The TXPHP strives to help TMB applicants and licensees recover from substance use disorders and to provide the proper treatment for those with physical illnesses or psychiatric conditions.
The TXPHP’s vision states: “All Texas participants will realize that SUD and psychiatric illnesses, like many other diseases, are treatable conditions, and colleagues who have completed acute treatment, continue ongoing treatment, and are appropriately monitored may have excellent outcomes and possess the ability to practice medicine in their field of expertise safely and effectively. This program strives to provide ‘Responsible Advocacy’ to participants by fostering a relationship of trust with participants and accountability to the Regulatory Agency (Texas Medical Board) and to the public.”
How Do Individuals Enter the Texas Physician Health Program?
The TXPHP encourages and accepts self-referrals. The Program also accept referrals from hospitals, employers, staff, colleagues, family, friends, treatment facilities, licensure boards, and other state physician health programs. Referrals to the TXPHP are kept confidential.
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