Administrative law “encompasses laws and legal principals governing the administration and regulation of government agencies.” Essentially, administrative law is the body of law that regulates the operation and procedures of governmental agencies.
An attorney who practices administrative law either carries out government work or works with government regulations. For example, a professional license defense attorney practices in administrative law.
Importance is placed on the powers granted to administrative agencies, the rules those agencies enact, and the legal relationship between and duties owed by the agencies to the public at large. Administrative agencies are typically created to protect the public interest.
Administrative Law & Professional Licensing
Consider the administrative bodies that regulate the State licensing of professionals. There are dozens of state licensing boards that regulate various industries. The Texas Medical Board regulates doctors, the Texas Board of Nursing regulates nurses, the State Bar of Texas Regulates attorneys, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation currently oversees 40 programs, and many other Texas licensing boards regulate the licensure of other professionals.
Texas lawmakers created these government agencies (licensing boards) to carry out laws and administer the functions of government. These agencies are empowered to, and tasked with, enacting their own rules and procedures to implement and enforce regulations pertaining to all aspects of state licensure, such as qualifications for licensure, mandates for continuing education credits, procedures for resolving complaints, and rules on taking disciplinary actions against a licensee.
Professional License Defense & Administrative Law
When a complaint is filed against a licensee, or other type of dispute arises between a board and its licensee, it is critical to understand the board’s administrative procedures and its enforcement process. And it is critical to defend your license.
A license defense attorney provides advocacy for professionals who are facing disciplinary action in front of a licensing board or state regulatory agency. License defense attorneys handle matters related to administrative law, licensure, grievance complaints, ethics concerns, and other important professional licensing issues.
A professional, medical, or vocational license defense attorney works to defend a licensee and protect the license when it is being threatened with revocation, suspension, probation, or other disciplinary action due to allegations of misconduct or other malfeasance.
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