Texas licensing boards manage professional, medical, and vocational license programs in Texas.
They oversee all aspects of licensure, including setting standards for licensure, mandates for continuing education credits, creating procedures for resolving complaints, and they are responsible for addressing complaints from the public and taking disciplinary action against a licensee when appropriate. When investigating allegations of misconduct, all licensing boards must afford the licensees due process. This means that a licensee always has the opportunity to respond to allegations, the right to defend themselves, and the right to legal counsel during all stages of the investigation and enforcement process.
The role of the Texas licensing boards is to protect the public. Licensing boards are created by statute and exist for the public benefit – not for the benefit of those who are licensed. This is an important point. Know that if you are facing a licensing board complaint, the board is not on your side and is not interested in helping you protect your license.
The following are some of the largest Texas licensing boards.

  • The Texas Medical Board regulates physicians, physician assistants, acupuncturists, medical radiologic technologists, surgical assistants, respiratory care practitioners, and other medical professionals.
  • The Texas Board of Nursing regulates nursing practice and nursing education. The Board’s mission is “to protect and promote the welfare of the people of Texas by ensuring that each person holding a license as a nurse in the State of Texas is competent to practice safely.”
  • The State Bar of Texas oversees the practice of law in Texas. It is the second largest state bar association in terms of active attorneys in the U.S. The mission of the State Bar of Texas is “to support the administration of the legal system, assure all citizens equal access to justice, foster high standards of ethical conduct for lawyers, enable its members to better serve their clients and the public, educate the public about the rule of law, and promote diversity in the administration of justice and the practice of law.”
  • The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy is the regulatory body tasked with issuing certificates to CPAs: “The mission of the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy is to protect the public by ensuring that persons issued certificates as certified public accountants possess the necessary education, skills, and capabilities and that they perform competently in the profession of public accountancy.”
  • The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation regulates 40 programs, such as Dietitians, Electricians, Midwives, Podiatrists, and Polygraph Examiners, just to name a few. The Department protects the “health and safety of Texans and ensure they are served by qualified professionals.”

Texas lawmakers created these licensing board, which are government agencies, essentially to carry out functions of government. These licensing boards are empowered to, and tasked with, enacting their own rules and procedures to implement and enforce regulations pertaining to all aspects of state licensure.
Defending Your License from Attack By a Texas Licensing Board
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