What activity does the texas board of nursing investigate

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) reviews all the more than 16,000 complaints it receives each year. Complaints that have insufficient information to identify the nurse, do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Board, or are incidents that would not constitute a violation of the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) are not further investigated.
When a complaint does result in an investigation into a nurse’s behavior, the Board will give the nurse notice of the investigation and allegations. Complaints may be filed by patients, patient’s family, colleagues, superiors, law enforcement personnel, or even the Board itself. If after an investigation the BON determines that a violation of the NPA has occurred, then it will pursue sanctions, which may include remedial education, fines, warning, reprimand, suspension, probation, or license revocation.
What Activity Does the Texas Board of Nursing Investigate?
The Texas BON investigates anything that relates to the practice of nursing. Common matters include:

  • Problems with dispensing of controlled substances.
  • Failure to provide adequate care.
  • Failure to properly maintain a patient’s medical records.
  • Subjecting a patient to unnecessary risk.
  • Lack of professionalism or allegations of an inappropriate bedside manner.
  • Failure to accurately document work hours.
  • Improper disclosure of patient’s confidential medical information.
  • Allegations of Drug or Alcohol Abuse or use on the job.

The foregoing are common matters for which Texas nurses are investigated, though the list is by no means exhaustive. Again, the BON investigates all complaints lodged against nurses that relate to the practice of nursing.
If you are a Texas nurse and a complaint has been lodged against you with the BON, it is critical that you defend your license from the very start. Throughout the BON’s complaint process you have several opportunities to defend you license, starting with your initial response to the Board. Know that you have the right to be represented by an attorney at every stage of the investigation and compliant process. Hiring a nursing license defense attorney to help you mount a strong defense serves to protect your license, reputation, financial interests, and ultimately your career.
Hire an Experienced Nursing License Defense Attorney
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