We will be inaugurating a new president a week from tomorrow. And without a doubt, President-elect Obama will have plenty of issues that require his attention from the first moment he steps into the Oval Office. There is the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, the decision on troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan and, most pressing on the domestic front, the rising unemployment rates and poor economy suffered across the country. The U.S. jobless rate last month was 7.2 percent, the highest in sixteen years. While the December numbers for unemployment in Texas won’t be released for another two weeks, the November rates were at 5.7 percent, nearly a full point above where it stood at the same time last year. We are in a global economy, and Texas is witnessing the spillover from national and international problems. With that said, wherever you may be, there may be a need for an Austin bankruptcy lawyer, a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney or Houston bankruptcy lawyer.
The sobering unemployment numbers in our state are no surprise when you simply take a look around at the businesses that are closing on a daily basis. Large chains like Circuit City and Office Depot, banks such as Houston-based Franklin Bank S.S.B., and small family-owned businesses that just cannot compete in the recession environment demonstrate the wide range of Texas employers who are being forced to hand out pink slips every day. While this scenario is unfortunately common across the country, the lasting effects of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike that hit our coastline in 2008 have uniquely compounded the jobless issues in Texas.
All indications point to a 2009 that will continue to produce a struggling economy and unemployment numbers that are of concern for government officials and individuals alike. At Bertolino LLP, we have Austin, San Antonio and Houston business attorneys who can assist you if you own a business and are struggling to take care of your employees, not to mention your family. We also have Austin and San Antonio bankruptcy lawyers and Houston business lawyers. With offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, we are a part of many communities throughout Texas and we care about the well-being of our neighbors. Please contact our office today so that we can discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing.

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