A hand reaching for one gold key amoungst hundreds of normal keysSheer dread is a normal reaction upon learning that your professional license could be suspended or revoked. After years of education and training, you’ve spent valuable time and resources pursuing your professional dreams – and now it could all be over. But don’t throw in the towel just yet. In addition to fighting the charges, you should also use this period to do some in-depth self-reflection. In this post, we list three lessons you might learn during this painful process.

  1. The Wake-Up Call You Need: Perhaps the violations you’re being accused of are valid. What then? If you must go through this professional crisis, then you should come out of it a better person. Take this time to look at your methods and practices: where and why did you stumble? Are your professional troubles a reflection of your personal troubles? Sometimes we need a hard landing to realize we were crashing.
  2. A Stiffer Spine: In a previous post, we looked at how professional peer pressure has the power to lead us down dark paths. When everyone else is doing it, it’s hard to stick to the high road. If you found yourself the victim of peer pressure, then take this time to devise a strategy for avoiding it in the future. Perhaps it’s time to rid yourself of toxic relationships with some colleagues. Or it might be time to remember why you wanted to get into your profession in the first place. Rediscover your first principles, and you’ll be a stronger person after this ordeal.
  3. Change Your Habits: Was your violation the result of too much work and not enough rest? Did you cut corners out of sheer exhaustion? Or perhaps the problem is that you got lazy. Maybe you let important matters slip at work or thought someone else would take care of it. Whatever the reason, you should take a hard look at your personal and professional habits and see how they might have contributed to your present circumstances.

It’s not easy finding the silver lining in a licensing crisis. But to let this terrible period of your professional life pass without a measure of self-reflection would be a wasted opportunity. Understand where and why you slipped and be sure you make the appropriate changes so that it won’t happen again.
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