Psychology is a complex profession that requires years of dedication to education and post-graduate study. To practice in Texas, a psychologist is required by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists to first earn a bachelor’s degree, then a master’s degree in psychology, followed by a PhD in psychology, which usually requires a substantial dissertation—all of which must be supplemented by passage of the Examinations for Professional Practice in Psychology and a minimum of 3,500 hours of supervised experience—1,750 of which must have been in a formal internship with a doctoral program and the rest performed after having achieved the doctoral degree. A professional who has shown this level of dedication to earn their license doesn’t want to run afoul of the Board of Examiner’s mission—which is to protect the public (not practitioners) by making sure that psychologists are qualified for licensure and that they maintain their professional standards throughout the duration of their practice.

When someone files a complaint with the Board of Examiners against a psychologist’s license, the Board’s Enforcement Division will first examine the complaint to ensure that the alleged violation of professional standards, in fact, would qualify as a violation and whether it would fall under the Board’s jurisdiction to impose discipline. If the complaint is determined to satisfy these criteria, the practitioner is notified in writing of the complaint, and the Enforcement Division assigns an investigator to look into the case. A psychologist has a period of thirty days in which to respond to the complaint.

A professional license defense attorney like us here at BERTOLINO LLP are well equipped to help you craft your initial formal response to a complaint, and to navigate the entire complaint process from beginning to end—and we urge you to contact us as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances should a psychologist face the Board alone if they hope to achieve a favorable outcome.

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