Have you found yourself repeatedly saying things like, “I really like the look of that new Prius model, particularly in blue. If only the government would provide me an incentive, I would buy one tomorrow” or “I’ve been meaning to replace my refrigerator with one of those energy-saving alternatives. If I could get some kind of tax cut, the extra cost of buying all-new matching ice cube trays would be well worth it!”? If so, then you may be in luck.
Our Texas Senate just passed a bill that would provide a $4000 rebate to consumers who choose to purchase a plug-in hybrid vehicle. This same incentive is being offered for large appliances as long as you agree to put your current one out of commission. This sweeping clean air bill also includes more stringent requirements when new plants are being built in heavily populated areas. Environmental regulators could make the decision that a company must first close an old plant in the same area or find a way to offset the new pollution that is being created. If this bill passes, you will likely find that businesses wishing to open plants in areas that are experiencing a pollution problem, such as Houston, will have a more difficult time getting the necessary permits to build.
Advocates of the legislation point to the fact that cleaner air is already evident in large cities due to previous actions taken by the state legislature, and these further measures will help to continue this improvement.
Changes to the clean air legislation in Texas undoubtedly will have an impact on many businesses in our state. If you are a business owner and have questions on what the decisions made in Austin will mean to you, we have Texas business law lawyers who are ready to help. Please contact one of our business law attorneys at the offices of Bertolino LLP in Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office today.

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