The state legislators in Austin are concerned with all aspects of education for the children in our state. Of course, we want to know that when we send our next generation of leaders to a public school in Texas that they are receiving the best possible education in math, science, humanities and the arts. This knowledge will allow our students to compete in the workplace and simply be well-rounded adults. However, there is another area of study that is currently on the mind of our elected state leaders and that is sex education. Is Texas providing its students with the best and most appropriate information when it comes to this controversial topic? Some members of the Texas state house think we could be doing better.
One of the bills being considered during this current legislative session is House Bill 1567, which would require all instruction concerning condoms and contraception to be “scientifically accurate.” This piece of legislation would not require schools to discuss condoms as part of the curriculum, but simply creates some standards if the topic is mentioned. According to the language in the bill, the information shared must be verified or supported by research, published in peer-reviewed journals if applicable, and recognized as accurate by relevant professional organizations. In other words, the gym teacher will not be allowed to assert as fact his own personal opinion concerning how long a condom can stay in a teenage boy’s wallet and still be useful.
Occasionally, you can follow the most reliable advice concerning contraception offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the American Public Health Association and still find yourself expecting a child. If this life was not created with purposeful intention by both partners, there may be some disagreements concerning child support and child custody. Bertolino LLP has family law attorneys in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio who can help. Please contact one of our divorce or child custody lawyers today.

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