Tdlr releases its strategic plan for fy 2019 2023

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) provides oversight for a broad range of occupations, businesses, facilities, and equipment used by Texas businesses. The TDLR is responsible for managing 40 programs assigned to it by the Texas legislature. It issues licenses, certificates, permits, and registrations for the professions it regulates, and investigates and resolves complaints received against its licensees.
The Agency released its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2019–2023.
In the section on Strategic Plan Update, the Agency reports what it has done. “TDLR identified initiatives from our 2017-2021 strategic plan and made 56 recommendations to the 85th Texas Legislature for statutory changes to various programs — all of which were proposed to remove redundancies and impediments, streamline regulations, safeguard the public, and ensure our licensing process is easier for our licensees.” Pursuant to the TDLR’s recommendations, the Texas Legislature adopted 52 of the 56 proposed of the statutory changes.
After the legislation was adopted, the TDLR sought input from advisory boards and implemented the necessary changes by adopting rules, modifying forms, updating webpages, and providing notice to its licensees. The majority of the changes took effect on September 1, 2017.
Moving forward, the TDLR is continuing its focus on fee reduction, streamlining services, consolidation of programs and administration where appropriate, and enhancing efficiency ratio. In its most recent Strategic Plan, the TDLR states that it “constantly evaluates our operations to eliminate inefficiencies and lower costs while providing a high level of service to our customers.” Texas licensees subject to TDLR oversight have experienced a cumulative cost savings of over $16.1 million in license fees over the past ten years.
Scenario planning is discussed in the section on Agency Goals & Action Plan. The TDLR is putting an emphasis on innovating ‘next’ practicing by preparing for the next Harvey, and other disasters and emergencies. The TDLR commits to increasing “outreach activities to raise public awareness of the benefits our regulated industries and professions can provide when the next natural disaster strikes.”
Further, the Agency plans to establish policies that will aid individuals and industries to be able to quickly respond to emergencies. For example, the TDLR will:

  • Establish policies that allow for waiving licenses, fees, and continuing education requirements for TDLR’s customers.
  • Develop a standard procedure and administrative rules for issuing temporary licenses.
  • Recommend requirements for out-of-state contractors or professionals to demonstrate insurance coverage or other appropriate financial security while allowed to operate temporarily in Texas to assist with recovery.
  • Ensure focused and efficient recovery activities through the new strategic response coordinator position.

The TDLR is addressing several ways to make the agency’s response to natural disasters quicker, more efficient, and more effective. The Agency created a Strategic Response Coordinator position to manage the Agency’s future disaster response efforts and plans to develop quick response emergency provisions in the TDLR Rules.
Mike Arismendez, Chair of the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation said: “As TDLR continues to lead the way as a model state agency, we are dedicated to serving the citizens of Texas and small business owners by ensuring a fair and efficient licensing and regulatory practice to earn their trust and safeguard the public.”
Defending Against a Complaint Filed with the TDLR
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