While parents take comfort knowing that their teenagers have cell phones in their possession when it comes to issues of safety while out with friends or working late at night, there also are legitimate concerns with this wonderful piece of technology. Are kids using the phones to communicate with friends with whom you have made it clear a relationship is not allowed? Are they being used as instruments to cheat during exams? There is also the new trend of “sexting” that is so dangerous and yet commonly done by young people for a false sense of approval or maturity. The first worry that enters the head of a mom or dad is likely not the possibility of their child receiving an inappropriate text message from a teacher. Unfortunately, an arrest earlier this week in San Antonio proves that this type of communication is possible.
John Calvin Hegedus, a teacher at Holy Name Catholic School in San Antonio, is facing charges of online solicitation of a minor for sexual conduct and attempted sexual assault of a child. Hegedus is accused of sending sexually graphic text messages to a minor at his school in which he describes the acts that he wants to perform on the child. The arrest came after the parents of the text message recipient discovered the criminal communication and took the phone to the authorities. Hegedus is now spending time at the Guadalupe County Jail instead of paying the $200,000 bond. Students will not need to visit Hegedus at his new home behind bars in order to receive their religion lessons, as he has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation.
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