Road rage has been an increasing problem as we seem to live in a society that gets more impatient and faster to explosive judgment all the time. We have become drivers rushing to move from one place to the next, sometimes disregarding the others who are occupying the same stretch of highway, and drivers who are less forgiving when it comes to the idea that the dangerous actions taken by another vehicle truly may have been an accident.

Sadly, Nicholas Leigh Bosmans paid with his life this past week in San Antonio when he inadvertently, according to his passengers, cut off another car on the road. As Bosmans approached the next intersection, he found himself between a group of people in the car he cut off on one side and on the other side a car pulled up that was occupied by several men and women who repeatedly demanded that Bosmans get out of the car. When Bosmans did not comply, he was shot.

Bosmans managed to pull into a nearby parking area before collapsing. He later died at San Antonio Military Medical Hospital. The shooter is still at large.
This is a tragic story. Whether or not Bosmans intentionally cut off another vehicle, there was no justification in gunning him down in response. What was the point? Pride? Seeking justice for a perceived lack of respect? Did the shooter actually believe that death was the fair punishment in this instance?

Whether or not you are the victim of a violent person while traveling the expansive highways of Texas, chances are you will be the recipient of, or at least observe, road rage to some level. If you are ever injured by another’s dangerous temper on the road, either through violence with a weapon as occurred in this instance or the individual’s need to reciprocate dangerous driving techniques in an escalating fashion, we can help. Bertolino LLP has attorneys on staff specializing in personal injury and automobile accidents. Give us a call and let us know what happened and we will let you know what we can do for you.

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