Respiratory care practitioners provide a vital service to the people of Texas—literally. You all have come to the forefront of Texan minds in recent days, given the scourge of COVID-19 and the tremendous amount of destruction it causes to the lungs. But there’s no question this situation has put Respiratory Care Practitioners under strain, and the sheer number of patients that you have been forced to deal with is almost certain to result in a larger number of complaints being filed with the Texas Medical Board.
A complaint filed against you when you have been doing nothing but your best to help the people of Texas can come as a shock. But—and this is important—you must take it seriously. The ensuing investigation process is filled with complex and at times misleading requirements. And anybody whose license is under investigation is too close to the matter to deal with such an investigation objectively.
The investigators hired by the Texas Medical Board are highly skilled at what they do. And what they do, in pursuing the Board’s mandate to protect the public, is act like a detective building a case. Once their sights are set on you, they are acting as if in the aid of a prosecutor. In other words, as far as the investigator is concerned, you are guilty until proven innocent by their sheer inability to find anything that sticks to you. And they don’t consider themselves constrained by the scope of the complaint—if you give them anything that indicates even the slightest hint of having stepped a smidge outside the Board rules or the strict letter of state law, however unrelated to the complaint, they will stick it to you.
This is why a skilled and experienced professional license defense attorney is as vital to maintaining your license as you have been to keeping your patients breathing. The earlier you bring one in, the better your license’s chance of remaining untarnished, and the less likely you are to lose your livelihood.

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