Registration program for elevator contractors texas

Elevator and escalator contractors, technicians, and inspectors are regulated in Texas by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Any person who performs installation, repair, testing, or maintenance of an elevator or escalator is required to be registered with the TDLR.
Texas elevator law includes Elevator Safety and Licensing Administrative Rules and Elevator Safety and Licensing Health and Safety Code. Elevator contractors have a duty to adhere to these regulations and the TDLR has a duty to enforce these laws and rules.

Elevator Contractor Registration

Registration as an Elevator Contractor requires submission of an application along with a fee, proof of general liability insurance, and designation of a responsible party.
General Liability Insurance
Elevator contractors must maintain general liability insurance of not less than:

  • $1,000,000 for each single occurrence of bodily injury or death, and
  • $500,000 for each single occurrence of property damage.

Proof of the required general liability insurance must be submitted on an industry-standard certificate of insurance ACORD form or on a Texas Department of Insurance approved certificate of insurance form. It is required that the certificate of insurance contains a provision or an endorsement that gives the TDLR 30 days prior written notice of cancellation.
Responsible Party Designee
Elevator contractors must also designate a responsible party. A responsible party is a person meeting certain experience requirements and designated by the registered contractor to attend continuing education. Under the code, a responsible party designee must:

  1. Have a minimum of three years of elevator contractor experience related to elevator installation, repair, and maintenance; and
  2. Comply with continuing education requirements as determined by commission rule in order for an elevator contractor to renew an elevator contractor registration.

Tex. Health and Safety Code §754.0173(b). The elevator contractor and the responsible party must both sign the designee application. An elevator contractor may add or remove a responsible party from the elevator contractor registration at any time, with written notice to the Department. Adding a responsible party requires submission of an Elevator Contractor Responsible Party Designee application.

Defending Against a Complaint Filed with the TDLR

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