A real estate agent in Texas who finds they are accused of some sort of professional wrongdoing may be at risk of losing their license to sell real estate. This is a dire situation, as the loss of the license to sell real estate effectively ends a real estate agent’s career in the industry. The Texas Real Estate Commission is the regulatory agency responsible for overseeing both the licensing of real estate agents and managing the practice of its licensees.
These allegations generally arrive in the form of a formal complaint lodged with the Commission. When the Commission receives a complaint, it first assesses the allegations to determine whether they fall under its jurisdiction. If not, the complaint is dismissed outright. If so, an official investigation is launched, and the real estate licensee is informed of the complaint and investigation—in fact, this is often the first time a real estate agent will hear about the complaint being made against their license.
Along with this notification comes a request for a response to the allegations by a certain deadline. This includes a counterargument regarding the allegations, as well as any evidence supporting the real estate agent’s side of the story. But there is danger in this stage of the complaint process, because a response letter that is inexpertly crafted can do more damage than good. Licensees are often too close to the situation to have a sense for the proper sort of response to make, and might end up including information in the response letter that opens them to further sanction. A professional license defense attorney who is experienced at crafting response letters, however, knows what to leave in and what to leave out to avoid this sort of investigation creep.

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So when a real estate agent receives notice from the Texas Real Estate Commission of a complaint made against their license, it’s important they contact an experienced professional license defense attorney as quickly as possible. We can help to manage the scope of the investigation to come, and give them the best chance of winning their case. The more time we here at BERTOLINO LLP have to craft a response, the better. And the earlier in the process we are involved, the more likely you are to achieve a positive outcome—including a possible dismissal of the complaint. This is our specialty—and we all know how much knowledge a specialty requires. But we can’t help if you don’t contact us.
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