The medical radiologic technologists of Texas work hard to earn their right to practice in the career they love, helping patients by performing diagnostic imaging procedures. These dedicated individuals ensure that patients are properly positioned for the taking of X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, and computed tomography (CT) scans, among other such medical tests, and that a quality diagnostic image is produced by the imaging. And yet, a single complaint against a practitioner’s license can put their hard-earned career at risk.
Medical radiologic technologists are licensed and regulated by the Texas Medical Board—which is also the agency that accepts complaints, and both investigates these complaints and disciplines practitioners found to have violated any rules, laws, or the standard of care brought to its attention by the investigation. Such formal complaints may be filed with the Board by patients, the family members of patients, other health care professionals—basically anyone.
The types of complaints that may confront a radiologic technologist are legion, but some are more common than others. Among these are allegations of a technologist having been convicted of a criminal charge, having failed to meet the acceptable standard of care, having failed to adhere to proper radiation safety protocols, and having violated a patient’s confidentiality.
A radiologic technologist who receives a notice from the Board that a complaint has been filed against their license should take it seriously—and afford to the situation a sense of urgency. After all, however, little merit the claim may have in fact, the Board investigates each complaint it receives that falls under its jurisdiction, and the Board will not take the technologist’s side in the matter. As protectors of the public, the Board behaves in a (sometimes overzealous) prosecutorial manner, in which it almost assumes guilt. It also does not take the complaint’s allegations as a containment of scope—so that its investigations may be wide-ranging and have a tendency to dig up any reason at all to discipline a technologist.
Therefore, an experienced professional license defense attorney must be contacted as soon as possible after the complaint has been received. We can help craft a response letter that may act as a limiter of scope to the investigations to follow. We offer the best opportunity for navigation of the legal process and mounting a strong defense.
So when you receive notice of a complaint, do not hesitate to contact us. The more time we have to craft a response to the first communication you receive—on which there are almost always deadlines to meet—the better able we will be to craft your strategic defense and set the investigation’s scope in your favor. BERTOLINO LLP will go the distance, from the very first stage of the process (where we can be effective at forestalling disciplinary proceedings) all the way to the end of any disciplinary proceedings that may occur as a result.
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