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When you are accused of wrongdoing in connection with real estate deals, your license to sell real estate could be at risk. It is imperative that you take steps to defend yourself in disciplinary proceedings before the Texas Real Estate Commission.
Loss of your license to practice real estate could end your career, while even a suspension could have a significant adverse impact on your reputation and ability to make a continued living.   Attorneys experienced in professional license defense can provide you with assistance in fighting against a suspension so you can do everything possible to ensure you do not find your income and career in jeopardy.
Real Estate License Defense is Essential to Protecting Your Career
There are a number of different accusations which could be made against you and which could result in the Texas Real Estate Commission conducting an investigation and potentially taking action. If you are accused of ethics violations or unlawful business practices, you’ll need to mount a vigorous defense so you can avoid adverse action.
Winnipeg Sun reportedly recently on two realtors who had their licenses permanently suspended. One of the individuals written about in the article was a realtor and mortgage broker who actually had both licenses suspended and who was permanently banned from registering in any capacity within either the real estate or the mortgage industry.  The other was the mother of the first suspended realtor. The mother also had her licenses and it was determined in disciplinary proceedings that she should face indefinite suspension.
The suspension of the son occurred because the realtor allegedly acted as both a realtor and as a vendor who promised to help clients make money flipping houses for profit. He was accused of deceiving clients with the promises he made, as well as in deceitful behavior in connection with having those clients use renovation businesses which he had a financial interest in.  The mother was also allegedly tied up in the scheme; however, it was noted that she wasn’t implicated in her son’s activities. Although she only serviced transactions, her license was still suspended as well.
The Winnipeg Sun notes the son who had his real estate license suspended did not attend hearings which took place in 2015 to review his case and to determine if suspension of his license was appropriate.  It is a mistake not to attend this type of hearing.
When you face the threat of disciplinary action which could affect your license, you are entitled to due process. If you do not attend hearings and raise defenses to counter the allegations which have been made against you, you will lose the opportunity to try to fight to keep your license. You want to do everything you can to protect your ability to act as a realtor, which means showing up to try to fight is essential in every disciplinary proceeding.

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