Among the 7000 complaints the Texas Medical Board processes annually, all are approached by the Board from a prosecutorial standpoint. This is to say the Board takes the side of the public against the physicians who have been complained about. These complaints are made by many different individuals, ranging from other health care professionals to patients and the families of patients. And every one of them is investigated—at least to the point of determining that the Board has jurisdiction over the matter at issue.
When a physician receives notice of such a complaint, they can feel burdened by a significant amount of stress. After all, physicians go through a legendarily long and arduous process of schooling, training, and licensure in order to achieve their professional positions. The years of effort medical professionals put toward achieving this highly-respected station in life, with all the good they can do for their fellow human beings, can be put at major risk with the filing of one complaint alleging a breach of proper office conduct.
Medical office staff must be appropriately trained. Some focus should be placed upon how to interact with patients in an appropriate and professional manner. This should include a friendly, outwardly focused demeanor and a demonstrated willingness to put effort into helping patients. Patients go to physicians out of a need for medical care, after all—and there is plenty of evidence to show that anxiety at doing so can be alleviated by friendly professionals.
Moreover, the medical staff must be trained to undertake all actions they are required to by regulations and the general obligations of professional medical offices (and they should also be well-versed in what actions NOT to take). The Texas Medical Board every year fields a good number of complaints filed for violations of these types of regulations. These regulations and obligations should be established in office policies.
If a complaint does get filed against a physician’s license alleging breach of one of these regulations or obligations by a member of staff, the physician should contact a qualified professional license defense attorney at the earliest possible moment. That’s the best way to ensure the best possible outcome to the complaint process.

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