You earned a professional license in Texas. You may have undergone years of training. When your professional license is under attack by a state agency or licensing board, you are understandably under a lot of stress. Complaints and subsequent investigations can harm your reputation, and possibly lead to suspension or revocation of your license.
When someone files a formal complaint that could threaten your license and your career, you need to take strong, immediate legal action. Your livelihood and career on are at stake. You need an experienced, knowledgeable, professional license defense lawyer on your side, fighting for your rights. The experienced professional defense attorneys at BERTOLINO LLP are here to help.

Texas Professional License Defense Lawyer

Our law firm helps professionals, like you, keep their licenses when those licenses are under attack. Our results-driven lawyers work with a wide range of licensed professionals on a wide range of cases.
We represent clients throughout Texas in the following types of cases:

If someone has filed a complaint against you or your business, we can work with you to build a strong case and do everything we can to get such complaints dismissed.
A complaint against your license will not simply go away, even if you believe it does not have any merit. Texas licensing boards and regulatory agencies have a duty to investigate each complaint they receive. It’s important that you take any complaint seriously and mount a strong legal defense right from the start.

Professional License Defense Attorneys with Offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio

BERTOLINO LLP handles matters related to licensure, grievance complaints, ethics, and other important professional licensing issues. Our attorneys are experienced with the various Texas licensing boards and regulatory agencies and are well-versed in Texas administrative law.
We know how to build a compelling case to protect your license – and your livelihood. We have successfully helped clients resolve a wide range of complicated legal matters involving professional license defense.
If you have received a licensing complaint, BERTOLINO LLP can help. To best serve our clients, we have offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.
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