Your professional license could be at risk of a lot of different reasons, from accusations of misconduct made against you by a patient or by a client to accusations of fraud or criminal conduct.  You need to know the laws applicable to license holders and you must make sure that you do everything in your power to protect yourself from losing your license.
Unfortunately, one common issue that many professionals have across a variety of fields is the risk that student loan defaults could cause the loss of a professional license.
If you are accused of defaulting on your student loans and your professional license is threatened as a result, you should talk with a professional license defense lawyer as soon as possible to find out what options are available to you and to find out what you can do to try to stay the suspension of your license or otherwise act to protect your ability to continue doing your job.
For many people who enter into career fields that require professional licenses, from doctors to nurses to CPAs, getting the education necessary to obtain your license could be very costly. You may be stuck with a lot of student loan debt after graduation, and there is a risk that you could fall behind on payments or you could accidentally forget to make payments and wind up defaulting on your student loan debt.
If and when this happens, you face the potential loss of your ability to continue doing your job. Jobs with Justice reports that there are 22 states in the U.S. where defaulting on student loan debt could lead to your professional license being suspended. The state of Texas is one of those states, and doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals could all be in trouble with professional boards if they have problems paying back student debt.
As with any type of situation where your license could potentially be suspended, you need to know exactly what the rules are for disciplinary action and you need to understand the types of defenses you could raise or the actions that you could take to prevent the suspension of your license or to get your license restored after your license has been suspended.
An experienced professional license defense lawyer can help you to determine what impact your student loan debt problems could have and can assist you in responding assertively and proactively so you can continue to do the job you have worked so hard to train for.
The financial hardships that led to problems repaying your student loans will be exacerbated greatly if you also lose your ability to work in your profession because your professional license is suspended. You should act quickly to get the right legal help to protect your career.

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