The Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) collects prescription data on all Schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substances dispensed by a pharmacy in Texas and to a Texas resident from a pharmacy located in another state.
Pharmacies to Report to the PMP Within One Business Day
As of September 1, 2017, Texas pharmacies are required to report all dispensed controlled substances records to the TMP no later than the next business day after the prescription is completely filled. The reporting requirement applies to all controlled substances in schedules II through V under Texas law. Previously pharmacies had seven days to send the requisite information to the PMP.
Pharmacies who fail to timely report may be subject to an administrative, civil, or criminal penalty.
Texas-licensed pharmacies that dispense Schedule II, III, IV, and V drugs are required to report the information directly to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy‘s contracted vendor, APPRISS. The healthcare prescriber’s Federal DEA number is to be included in the reported information. Both prescribers and pharmacies are required to have current Federal DEA registration numbers to prescribe or dispense controlled substances.
One of the purposes of the PMP is to address the problem of diversion of prescription drugs and abuse of controlled substances. Prescription medication classified as a scheduled drug have valid medical uses, but also have high potential for abuse. The PMP was created to be an efficient, cost effective tool for investigating and preventing drug diversion.
The PMP can also be accessed by healthcare practitioners and pharmacists to inquire about a patient’s prescription history and to verify their own records. The program can also be used to generate and disseminate information regarding prescription trends.
Facing Disciplinary Action from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy
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