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Licensing regulatory agencies and boards may suspend or revoke your professional license in the face of allegations of misconduct. Fortunately, you can challenge misconduct accusations and petition to reinstate your license. The process can be complicated, but you can collaborate with Bertolino LLP to simplify it.               

Our team of license revocation and suspension attorneys in Texas offers you a professional license defense in the wake of undue suspensions and revocations. Our team can work with you to submit a petition for reinstatement of a professional license. We can also answer your common questions about the professional license reinstatement process.   

What Causes a License to Be Revoked or Suspended?

Depending on your career choices, there are many professional, occupational licenses to choose from. The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) is one agency that is responsible for issuing a wide diversity of professional licenses. That said, the TDLR is also responsible for investigating and prosecuting license holders who are accused of professional misconduct. Each profession has license requirements that license holders must abide by. If you choose not to comply with one or more of these requirements, you may risk license revocation or suspension. Common reasons why your license may be suspended or revoked can include:


A licensed professional can intentionally deceive others or try to gain something unfairly. In this instance, the license holder can be charged with fraud. The individual can face criminal charges along with professional license revocation or suspension.

Drug Use

A license holder may use drugs, alcohol, or other illicit substances while working. This practice can endanger the professional’s clients and/or patients. A professional found to be working while using drugs can face revocation or suspension of their license. 

Criminal Conviction

A license holder can commit a crime that results in a criminal conviction. A conviction can lead to temporary license revocation or suspension. If a license holder is convicted of a serious misdemeanor or felony crime, this individual can have their license permanently revoked. 

For those dealing with professional license revocation or suspension, seek legal help. An attorney can review all of the facts surrounding the situation. From here, a Texas license revocation and suspension lawyer can create a plan to petition for license reinstatement, if applicable.

What Is the Difference Between a Professional License Revocation and Suspension?

Professional license suspensions prevent you from working in a specific role for a designated amount of time. Information about the suspension may be released publicly, and anyone you work with may know how long you are unavailable to work. Following a suspension, you may be eligible to return to your prior role. 

You may alternatively find yourself contending with a fully probated suspension. These kinds of suspensions resemble revocations in that they require you to fulfill certain requirements if you want to continue working.

A license revocation is far more long-lasting than either a traditional suspension or a probated suspension. Unless you apply for the reinstatement of your license, a revocation can see you barred from practicing in Texas.

How does a Professional in Texas Petition for License Reinstatement?

It is important to understand why a professional license was revoked or suspended and what can be done to contest this decision. There can be instances in which you can immediately dispute a license revocation or suspension via a petition and emergency hearing.

You can consult a professional license revocation and suspension attorney in Texas for extra help. Your representative can explain the steps required to petition for professional license reinstatement. Additionally, our team can ensure you complete these steps and present a strong case for reinstatement. 

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How Long does It Take to Find Out If a Petition for Professional License Reinstatement Was Successful?

It can take weeks or months to submit paperwork for professional license reinstatement and get a response back. During this period, you won’t be able to practice as usual. If you try to move forward with business as usual, you can face additional consequences for failing to comply with your professional license suspension and/or revocation.

If a petition for reinstatement of a professional license is successful, you can return to work as usual. Comparatively, if a board denies your reinstatement request, you can explore what other paths to reinstatement or appeal may be available to you.

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How do I Get Started?

Having your license suspended and/or revoked can feel professionally devastating. However, you can petition for the reinstatement of your license with the help of an experienced professional. 

The Bertolino LLP team can review the circumstances surrounding your professional license revocation or suspension and help you petition for reinstatement accordingly. Contact us through our website or call our office today to learn more or request a free consultation.

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