How many of us pride ourselves on the ability to multitask? Did you know that our brains are not actually capable of focusing effectively on more than one task at a time? While we do have an amazing machine inside our skulls that can take in billions of pieces of information every day, when needing to engage in an activity, the brain must “task switch” from one to the other.
This neurological fact is critically important when we are discussing the dangers of distracted driving. When our mind’s need to make one task that of primary importance, other very basic instincts, like risk or awareness of our surroundings, are diminished.

Even when you are using a hands-free device, the method that seems to be the preferred approach when legislators are discussing safety measures to implement, the danger you are to yourself and other drivers on the road is still incredibly inflated. Drivers on any kind of cell phone conversation are four to six times as likely as those not engaged in these chats to cause an accident. And texting while driving is even worse, making you around twenty-three times more likely to cause a crash. Drivers who are texting spend 400% more time with their eyes off the road. And, the average time it takes to type out a text creates the equivalent of driving the length of a football field while wearing a blindfold if you are going 55mph.

Those are startling numbers that should make everyone store their phones far from arm’s reach when driving. But our brains are programmed differently. We have become so accustomed to constant access to our smart phones that our brain releases dopamine and feelings of pleasure when we hear a new alert or text on our phone. To be aware of these tendencies, how our brain will trick us to get what it wants, and take conscious steps to overcome these dangers will save a lot of lives and heartache on Texas roads.

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