When faced with a complaint to the Texas Board of Nursing, a licensed nurse is up against a difficult situation from the start, as the identity of the complainant remains confidential in every case. It can be difficult to mount a response when one’s accuser is unknown. But it is not impossible. At least the Board—which, it must be emphasized, was not created for the benefit of nurses but for their regulation on behalf of the public—must ensure due process by notifying a nurse of the complaint and the allegations that threaten to deprive them of their livelihood.
The Board of Nursing does evaluate a complaint, and many of those complaints that fall outside the Board’s jurisdiction or are about issues that would not qualify as violations of the Nursing Practice Act are never investigated.
But when investigation proceeds, the situation becomes serious enough to merit hiring a dedicated attorney with sound experience with the complaint process. Investigations can drag on for what feels like an interminable period—often from five months to a year—and a consistent level of attention needs to be paid to defending against the complaint, which can sometimes be difficult for an individual to sustain on their own.
Sometimes the Board will put forth what is called a “Proposed Agreed Order,” which is an informal solution (somewhat like a “settlement” in civil law) wherein a nurse is asked to agree to a set of sanctions in order to maintain their licensure. This should be reviewed carefully, preferably by an attorney, prior to signature.
In other cases, the Board will decide to pursue a more formal route: filing formal charges. These must not go unanswered—if the nurse makes no response, then revocation of that nurse’s license happens by default.
After answering to the charges, a nurse is put through a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, where the presence of an experienced attorney is absolutely necessary. The Judge’s decision will be sent to the board

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