As a Texas nurse, you must demonstrate competency as part of your continued licensure to practice nursing. One way to demonstrate your continued competency for each two-year licensing period is to complete 20 contact hours of continuing nursing education (CNE) in your area of practice.
You must complete your CNE hours within the two-year period immediately preceding your license renewal, beginning with the first day after the renewal month until the last day of the subsequent renewal. Hours in access of the required 20 may not be carried over to the successive renewal period. These hours must be obtained by participating in programs approved by a Board-recognized credentialing agency. A list of recognized agencies is available on the BON’s website. 22 TAC §216.3.
Failure to comply with BON’s continuing education requirements will result in an inability to renew your nursing license.
BON’s Audit Process
The BON conducts random audits of licensees to determine compliance with the continuing competency requirement. If you are selected for audit, the BON will send you a notice 90 days prior to the renewal date via email or regular mail. The selection process is randomized and done by computer.
You must submit adequate proof of continuing competency and it must be BON-approved before you can proceed with the renewal of your license. The BON requests that you allow not less than 10 business days for review of submitted audit materials. You will receive an e-mail notifying you of the outcome of your audit and whether you are required to take any additional action.
Discipline for Failure to Comply
Pursuant to BON Rules, failure to comply with the BON’s continuing competency requirements will result in the denial of renewal. 22 TAC §216.11.
If after submitting proof of continuing competency you do not agree with the result of the BON’s audit findings, you have 20 days to submit a written letter appealing the BON’s decision. 22 TAC §216.10. You will then have an opportunity to appear in person to present your case and the BON will then review its audit decision. The decision of the BON after this appeal is considered final and binding.
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