New York can have Woodstock and their periodic reunions tucked away on an upstate farm. Nashville may promote the country music get together now known as the CMA Music Fest, formerly called Fan Fair, which takes place every hot Southern summer. However, there is simply no competition for the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival that takes place here in Austin every spring. This year’s gathering of musicians and artists of all backgrounds has convened in our state capitol and will continue through the end of the weekend. So, to all local residents (including those like me who office downtown) … hold on, the traffic will soon resume to normal.
South by Southwest started in 1987 as purely a showcase for music and expanded to include film and interactive conferences in 1994. The four-day festival, which is spread over dozens of venues, features musicians from around the world and produces more revenue for Austin than any other special event. Last year, the festival brought in more than $110 million for our city. This year, music fans will find the opportunity to enjoy more than 1800 bands that have descended on our great city. While most of the acts that will be on stage via the hard work of their record labels or other sponsors are not necessarily household names, they will be known to the fans of indie music who count SXSW as a must on their yearly calendars.
The Austin and San Antonio attorneys of Bertolino LLP who practice entertainment law have the pleasure of working with many wonderful musicians on their record contracts , licensing agreements and record labels. If you discover your true calling as a recording artist while checking out the countless shows at SXSW this year, our Austin entertainment lawyers can help. We will work with you from day one to make sure that your musical integrity and vision is maintained through the corporate process of getting your voice heard. Please contact one of our entertainment attorneys in Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office today for more information.

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