Maintaining Your Business and Employees While Facing a Licensing Investigation

In many cases, you can continue working in your profession or occupation, even if you are facing allegations of misconduct or battling a licensing board complaint. However, you may find it increasingly challenging to maintain your business and your employees in this situation. 

Having an experienced Texas licensing board defense attorney on your side can help you navigate this delicate situation. You can get advice not only on your disciplinary case but also on managing your business in the interim period. If you are facing a disciplinary complaint, contacting an attorney from the outset of the proceedings is wise. Throughout your disciplinary case, we can explain your rights and work to protect your license. 

You may be free to continue working and operating your business while you face a licensing board investigation and complaint or even during disciplinary proceedings. However, gossip about others’ misfortunes spreads quickly, so it won’t be long before everyone starts hearing rumors about your troubles, from your staff to your customers, clients, or patients. This situation can lead to instability in your workforce and a loss of business. Fortunately, you can take some proactive steps to avoid these problems, even while defending yourself against misconduct allegations before your licensing board. 

Be Upfront and Transparent with Staff Members

While it may be preferable for you to hide your licensing investigation from your employees, the reality is that they are likely to find out about it anyway. For instance, the licensing board investigator may need to interview other employees, depending on the nature of the allegations against you. If a staff member opens your mail or receives phone calls on your behalf, they will recognize when you receive communications from your licensing board. As a result, it is likely better for you to inform your staff of the facts about the investigation before rumors start spreading that may or may not be accurate.

However, you should only disclose the basic information about the licensing investigation to all your employees at once. You should not try to defend or explain your actions, offer evidence to support your position, or otherwise try to get your staff members on your side. Your only goal is to inform your employees that a licensing board investigation exists. If you have questions about what you should and should not disclose to your staff members about your licensing board investigation, you should get legal advice before discussing the matter. 

Furthermore, you should remind your employees how crucial they are to your business operations and that your business is more likely to make it through this challenging time if everyone works together. Furthermore, you should advise them that your licensing board investigation is a confidential matter that they should not discuss with anyone outside the office.

Understand that Not Everyone May Support You

Inevitably, you may lose some employees or business when news of your licensing board investigation becomes widespread. If you have employees who already were searching for new jobs or considering leaving your employment, allegations of misconduct against you may be the impetus for them to move on from your employment. In other cases, clients or patients who have already expressed dissatisfaction with your services may use the investigation as an excuse to discontinue your business relationship. However, remember that in many cases, you likely would have lost these employees, clients, or patients anyway, so the loss is not as consequential as it might initially seem.

Reconfigure Job Duties as Needed

During a licensing board investigation and/or disciplinary proceedings, your licensing board may restrict or prevent you from carrying out your professional activities. As a result, you may need to temporarily reconfigure your office and/or reallocate office duties so that your office can continue to function fully and properly. Other staff members may need to take on some of your duties, and in doing so, you may need to provide them with additional training and supervision. You also may need to take on different responsibilities if your employees become overloaded with additional duties to keep your office running smoothly and avoid employee burnout.

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Don’t Ignore the Past

After you have made it through the licensing board investigation and any ensuing disciplinary proceedings, you may be in a position where you need to hire new employees. Applicants likely know of your history, so there is no sense in trying to skirt around the issue. Being honest and upfront about your situation is likely to be more appealing to potential hires than attempting to pretend that it never happened. People are more forgiving than you might think, and if they are unwilling to accept your past missteps, they are likely not a good fit for your office.

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