Police officers in Texas are regulated by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). When a complaint is filed against a police officer, the TCOLE reviews it to determine if it is the type of complaint it investigates.
The Commission will investigate complaints against licensed law enforcement officers for an alleged violation of a law or rule related to licensing, certification, or an appointment. The Commission will also investigate instances when a licensed officer is facing criminal charges or other legal consequences for a covered criminal offense above a Class C misdemeanor. Alleged issues involving fraudulent or substandard training of law enforcement officers will also be investigated.
The Commission will not investigate non-jurisdictional complaints, which include complaints of rudeness, unprofessional conduct, or improper investigations.

License Actions Against Texas Police Officers in 2018

Proceedings for police officer license revocation, suspension, and other disciplinary actions occur at the TCOLE quarterly meetings. In 2018, the following license actions were taken against Texas Police Officers:

  • Reprimands for Administrative Violations: 698
  • Statutory Revocations: 13
  • Statutory Suspensions: 10
  • Permanent Surrenders: 71
  • Term Surrenders: 4
  • Default Suspension Orders: 42
  • Default Cancellation Orders: 4
  • Default Revocation Orders: 17
  • Proposal for Decision Orders: 6
  • Agreed Suspension Waivers: 6
  • Agreed Suspension Orders: 11
  • Suspensions for Failing to Complete Legislatively Required Continuing Education: 77
  • Reprimands for Failing to Complete Legislatively Required Continuing Education: 42

While the majority of disciplinary action taken by the TCOLE against law enforcement officers are reprimands for administrative violations, a number of police officers lost their licenses last year. Based on Texas statutes, 13 officers had their licensed revoked, and in general revocations are permanent. Another 71 officers voluntarily surrendered their licenses in lieu of further investigation into the complaint allegations filed with the Commission.
If you are implicated in a complaint filed with the TCOLE, you will be served notice of TCOLE’s intended disciplinary action. You have the right to legal representation from a professional license defense attorney during every stage of the complaint resolution process.

Experienced Attorneys Defending Texas Police Officers

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