The Texas Medical Board (TMB) began its Sunset review process back in 2015. At the close of the 86th legislature this year, the most pressing matters that required legislative action have passed.
Every Texas licensing board is subject to the Sunset process, whereby the legislature conducts an in-depth review of operations, efficiency, and effectiveness, and questions whether the agency is carrying out its responsibilities and if the agency is even still necessary. In the course of the TMB’s most recent review, it was given a report listing ways to could operate more efficiently and other firm recommendations.

Adoption of the TMB’s Sunset Bill

The Legislature passed the Board’s Sunset bill and adopted the majority of its legislative appropriations requests. The adoption of the Sunset bill and signature by Governor Abbott was the most important development for the agency this year. Given the TMB’s legislative success this year, it will not be up for Sunset review again until 2031.
The Sunset bill amends a number of things, including increased flexibility with non-disciplinary Remedial Plans and allowing the Board to legally remove certain dismissed complaints from licensee public profiles faster.
Another Sunset bill amendment creates expedited and alternative pathways for physician licensure in Texas. In particular, the change is designed to help out-of-state physicians and board-certified physicians become licensed by the TMB.

Adoption of Legislative Appropriations Requests

The Legislature adopted the majority of the TMB’s legislative appropriations requests. The Board will receive additions funding for:

  • Staffing needs:
    • 7 additional TMB positions.
    • 2 additional Texas Physician Health Program (PHP) positions.
  • Staff raises:
    • To address recruitment, retention, and turnover.
    • A third-party salary survey showed TMB positions are paid nearly 10% below market value.

These developments ensure that the Texas Medical Board will be funded and operational for the foreseeable future. As a licensee, it is important to understand the function of the board is to protect the public. Although the TMB has an interest in the matriculation of talented physicians to Texas, its enforcement process serves only the public’s interest. If your license is in jeopardy due to allegations of rule violations or misconduct, you need a medical license defense attorney to advocate for you. Do not mistakenly rely on the Board to help you out of a complaint, because it will not.

Experienced Texas Medical License Defense Attorneys

If you are facing a licensing issue or someone has filed a complaint against you with the Texas Medical Board, you need an experienced medical license defense attorney. Even a single complaint filed with the Board can jeopardize your medical career, livelihood, and your professional reputation.
You have the right to defend yourself and the right to representation during the entire complaint process. Our attorneys know how to represent Texas doctors at every stage of the complaint process, from the initial investigation and any settlement negotiations through subsequent hearings that may follow.
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