Laser Hair Removal, if not conducted properly, can cause harm to patients. The Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR) regulates laser hair removal facilities and the Technicians licensed to perform the procedures. The TDLR issues certificates of registration to laser hair removal facilities, qualified technicians, and agency-accepted training programs in Texas.
However, the TDLR does not regulate laser hair removal performed in a licensed hospital, a clinic owned or operated by a licensed hospital, or a facility owned or operated by a TMB licensed physician.

Laser Hair Removal Technicians in Texas – What You Need to Know

To obtain an individual laser hair removal (LHR) certificate in Texas, you must:

  • Submit a completed application,
  • Pay the applicable fees, and
  • Pass a criminal history background check.

16 Tex. Admin. Code §118.33(a). There are a number of LHR certificates available, including LHR Professional Certificate, Senior LHR Technician Certificate, LHR Technician Certificate, and LHR Apprentice-in-training Certificate. Applicants for each certificate must meet the specific requirements as required by the Texas Administrative Code. Those requirements can be viewed here.
Holders of LHR certificates issues by the TDLR must complete 8 hours of continuing education hours every two years. 16 Tex. Admin. Code §118.35. These hours may be completed through online or home-study training programs. Continuing education topics must include refresher training, LHR technology updates, applicable regulatory changes, other health, and safety-related topics.
LHR certificates must be renewed every two years. It is necessary to successfully pass a criminal background check every time a certificate is renewed. 16 Tex. Admin. Code §118.40(c).
Complaints can be lodged against laser hair removal practitioners. The TDLR investigates all complaints filed against those it licenses or issues certificates to under its programs. If after an investigation the TDLR finds that you violated a rule or regulation, you may be subject to administrative penalties or sanctions. 16 Tex. Admin. Code §118.40(c). Such disciplinary action varies depending on the severity of the violation and can include license revocation or suspension for egregious rule violations.
Further rules applicable to laser hair removal in Texas can be viewed here.

TDLR License Defense

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