What most people hope for in an employer is someone who is a strong leader, who inspires those in his company to work their hardest, who is fair in her criticisms and promotions and who appreciates the work being done around him. What most people do not want is a boss who will take advantage of a position of power to take workers for granted or, even worse, outright harass and abuse them. Unfortunately, Henri Morris, president of Houston-based Edible Software, has pled guilty to charges that make him a particularly egregious offender of taking advantage of his status as boss.
Over the course of two years, from 2010 until 2012, Morris traveled with female business associates and customers, and while on these trips, he drugged them and sexually assaulted them. When investigators were tipped to the crimes after one co-worker confided in another and started digging into the evidence, they found photographs, a mysterious “clear liquid,” and multiple pills all packed for an upcoming business trip.
As part of agreeing to plead guilty, attorneys in the matter determined a total jail sentence of one year and a day. When the punishment was put before U. S. District Court Judge Melissa Harmon, she found the sentence to be inappropriately lenient given the serious nature of the crimes. She refused to accept the plea deal, especially after hearing from several of Morris’ victims that they did not believe the time behind bars was sufficient, and now the case will be going to trial.
You are entitled to a safe workplace, free from sexual harassment and fear of unwanted advances from someone who controls your professional success. If you have been singled out inappropriately at the office by your boss, you have legal recourse. Please contact the attorneys at Bertolino LLP today. Let us know what is happening, and we will share with you what we can do to help.

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