Texas House Bill 1696 amended the Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act to provide for the licensing of Journeyman Industrial Electricians.
Under the Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act, an applicant for a license to be a Journeyman Industrial Electrician must:

  • have at least 8,000 hours of on-the-job training as a licensed electrical apprentice under the supervision of a master electrician, and
  • pass a journeyman industrial electrician examination administered under this chapter. OCC §1305.1601.

You are required to hold a Journeyman Industrial Electrician license to perform industrial electric work if you work on new construction, or for contractors from out of the state or country, and if an exception does not apply to you. The Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act contains an exception for electrical work performed at a business that operates “a chemical plant, petrochemical plant, refinery, natural gas plant, natural gas treating plant, pipeline, or oil and gas exploration and production operation by a person who works solely for and is employed by that business.” Tex OCC §1305.003(14).
If you currently hold a Journeyman or Master Electrician license, you are not required to hold a Journeyman Industrial Electrician license to perform industrial electric work.
To be eligible to obtain a Texas Journeyman Industrial Electrician license you must pass an exam. The TDRL will accept a passing score on the PSI Journeyman Industrial Exam or proof of passing the National Center for Construction Education & Research Journeyman Industrial Written Assessment, so long as the exam was taken and passed on or after August 1, 2017.
The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation began accepting applications on July 1, 2018. Licenses will be available by September 1, 2018.
The Journeyman Industrial Electrician license application is available for download here. Type or use black ink on the application. Know that any documents and attachments you submit with your application will not be returned to you. Keep copies of everything for your records.
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