The Texas Medical Board (TMB) maintains public records of disciplinary action it imposed against its licensees. This information is easily accessible on the TMB’s website, is published in press releases, and is available in the National Practitioner Data Bank.
The availability of adverse records against your medical license means that future patients, prospective employers, or anyone else will be able to see license suspensions, sanctions, or other disciplinary action the TMB orders against you. Even a single complaint filed with the TMB can harm your medical career. It is easy to understand why it is critical to take any complaint seriously and defend against allegations of misconduct from the start of an investigation.

Publicly Reported Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary actions that are required to be reported include, but are not limited to, license suspension, revocation, or public reprimand. Disciplinary information will be distributed in TMB press releases, published in the TMB Bulletin, and published on the licensee’s TMB public profile.
The information made public includes the names and summaries of any type of order approved by the board, including any Agreed Order, Temporary Suspension Order, and the Board’s Final Order.
Remedial Plans are considered “non-disciplinary actions” by the TMB. These are made publicly available on the licensee’s TMB profile but are not reported in news releases or the TMB Bulletin newsletter.
Disciplinary actions will also be reported on the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), which is a website of information about various adverse actions taken against health care practitioners, providers, and suppliers in the U.S. However, NPDB reports are not available to the public. Federal regulations authorize only eligible entities to make queries to the NPDB. Although the public cannot access NPDB records, adverse reporting against a medical license can affect a health care provider’s ability to get a job, secure practice privileges, and/or obtain medical malpractice insurance coverage.

When Your Medical License is Under Attack

If someone has lodged a formal complaint against you and your medical license, your professional reputation and good name are on the line. It’s critically important that you take the complaint seriously from the start and address the allegations head-on.
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