Thanksgiving week is upon us and, despite the cold and dangerous weather that has recently affected our state of Texas and now is moving east, millions of us will be traveling to visit family members we perhaps only get the chance to see a couple times a year. Sometimes these events come with concern that Uncle Bob will tell the same story over and over or your brothers will spend the entire dinner fighting about politics. These tend to mild family annoyances and we get over it. However, the holidays also can be a painful reminder of fractured families when empty seats are at the table.
When a couple decides to divorce, grandparents are often forgotten amongst the discussion of child custody and holiday sharing and birthdays. Grandpa and Grandma, who were used to seeing the precious kids in their lives every Thanksgiving, no longer have any say in what their former daughter- or son-in-law chooses to do on these special occasions. How can they know when they might be able to see the children again?
Or maybe you are a grandparent who is estranged from your daughter due to decisions she has made and you know that she is not providing a safe home for your grandchildren. As the winter chills sets in and the special moments that make the holiday season memorable start to unfold, you know that these kids would be better off in your care and in your loving home. Do you have any legal ground for petitioning to become their guardian?
At Bertolino LLP, we understand the importance of families and have a great appreciation for the role that many grandparents play in the raising of kids in our country today. We also know that sometimes you need legal help in protecting these relationships. We can be your advocate for visitation rights, applying for guardianship or fostering communication with the parents of your grandkids. If you are a grandparent and you are struggling to define your role in the family, please call us today.

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