Whether you are a doctor, civil engineer, plumber, teacher, or tow-truck operator, every profession that requires a license is a valued profession in need of legal representation from time to time. For example, our attorneys and legal professionals at Bertolino LLP have spent years acquiring the necessary qualifications, licenses, and skills to perform our job.

We understand the economic and professional risks licensed professionals make every day to provide their services for others. However, every decision requires sound judgment, or one risks the good standing of their license… And, ultimately, their career and livelihood.

Professional (Occupational) Licensing Is a Unique Area of Law

A generation ago, most people would go to a tax professional to file their taxes. Nowadays, taxpayers can log in to numerous online tax filing web applications and file their taxes at little to no cost. The legal industry is rapidly changing, and it has never been more accessible to find low-cost legal services or “do it yourself” programs.

However, unlike filing a simple tax return, professional licensure defense can be an incredibly complicated area of law. Most professional licenses in the State of Texas require a litany of administrative checklists and qualifications to engage in those professional activities in the state. Between the administrative burdens of acquiring a license and the compliance procedures to keep it, having an experienced professional license attorney provide you counseling and representation is paramount in ensuring your license is not at risk.

For example, attorneys have numerous rules and regulations to abide by, including statutory requirements and ethics rules. Attorneys often seek the counsel of other attorneys, training in such matters, when their professional or ethical obligations are unclear or face charges of professional misconduct. Everyone needs assistance, especially when addressing misconduct allegations or ensuing compliance to maintain their license.

What Our Law Firm Can Do for Your Case

Although professional licensure defense is a unique area of law, it follows many of the same or similar fundamentals as other forms of legal defense. As part of our legal representation, we will investigate complaints and allegations of misconduct, address notifications by administrative licensing boards or agencies that regulate your profession, and, as to civil liabilities, negotiate with your insurance coverage provider regarding disputed claims.

Most importantly, we provide our clients with a sound legal defense strategy if complaints or allegations prompt an administrative board or agency to consider discipline. Forms of discipline can include:

  • Mandated continuing education
  • Payment of a fine
  • Prohibition on performing certain services within the profession
  • Temporary suspension of a license
  • Total revocation of a license

Representation may also include any appeals regarding harsher penalties or disciplinary action or addressing further legal action.

Dealing with Insurance Coverage

Most jobs require a person to show up on time, meet the expectations of their supervisors, and perform the essential functions of the position. However, because of the risks involved in providing services using a professional license, many insurance companies offer liability insurance if things go wrong. Further, Texas state law requires (or atleast encourages) many licensed professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists, lawyers, and other professionals like certain plumbers and skilled laborers, to have a form of liability insurance for mishaps.

Insurance companies administering these policies, especially professional liability policies, heavily scrutinize claims. Unlike common car accidents or other forms of personal injuries, professional license insurance claims can be exponentially higher in cost, depending on the facts. Thus, insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to ensure they will not have to pay out funds on insurance claims if a licensed professional was found to be at fault for the damages resulting in the claim, operated outside the scope of the services, or violated the insurance policy.

Having an experienced professional license attorney advocating on your behalf when addressing disputes over insurance claims can ensure your financial interests are protected.

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We Tackle the Administrative Hassles and Burdens for You

Many educational programs spend time teaching soon-to-be licensed professions the parameters of the profession, including their compliance duties within that particular field. Further, licensed professionals spend their time doing the job they are licensed to do, so they are in the best position to know how to address these issues, right? Not always.

Many professional licensed jobs have strict rules and procedures codified in state law and overseen by a government-funded administrative body. For example, the State Bar of Texas Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel (CDC) handles ethics complaints made by members of the public against attorneys in the state regarding misconduct. Although attorneys are educated and tested on their ethical rules, not every rule is always clear. The CDC has many rules and procedures only experienced ethics attorneys know how to navigate.

Most attorneys should be able to handle simple grievances like not returning client phone calls or emails. However, allegations of severe misconduct like mishandling client funds or fraudulent activity should be addressed by experienced ethics attorneys that have handled these issues for clients in the past.

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When You Hire an Attorney, You Can Enjoy Peace of Mind

At Bertolino LLP, our lawyers have years of experience representing multitudes of clients in front of the State Bar of Texas, Texas Medical Board, Texas Real Estate Commission, Texas Board of Dental Examiners, Texas Board of Nursing, Texas Education Agency, among many others.

With representation from an experienced professional license attorney, you get the peace of mind that your financial and professional interests are protected. From insurance companies threatening to deny liability claims, licensure boards conducting investigations, and disgruntled clients filing complaints, we have seen it all.

From doctors to electricians to social workers and architects, your professional license is your livelihood and identity. Our attorneys understand the vital importance your license brings to your life, and we use our experience and training to protect it.

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At Bertolino LLP, our practice is designed to help licensed professionals that receive complaints regarding their services or address allegations of misconduct or law violations. Our role is to investigate claims and provide a defense strategy to protect your financial and professional interests. Call today for a free consultation with our Client Relations Coordinator or contact us online.

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