In 2016, a Houston dentist lost her license after a child suffered brain damage while under her care. The case was widely reported because it was so rare. But most violations aren’t so blatant and newsworthy, which is why it’s useful to review the less egregious, yet far more common, ways dentists lose their licenses in Texas.

Substance Abuse

On its website, the Texas Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) posts recent cases of license suspension. Of the last nine posted cases listed, three reported that substance abuse was the reason for the suspension.
Texas dentists suffering with drug or alcohol addiction don’t have just to wait for suspension, believing it is only a matter of time. Instead, they can contact the Professional Recovery Network, which is fully supported by the TSBDE, to receive confidential evaluations and treatment.

False, Misleading or Deceptive Advertising

In the age of social media and DIY websites, it is easier than ever for dentists to advertise their services. But false, misleading or deceptive advertising can cost you your license. For example, if you advertise your services as the “best” or that you have a “100%” satisfaction rating, you may be stepping on thin ice. If you have questions about your advertising content, please contact our offices.

Prescription Drug Violations

Another recent suspension on the TSBDE website involved a dentist who had been illegally storing prescription medication in his home.
There are many ways to run afoul of the TSBDE when it comes to prescription drugs, from overprescribing to using the drugs yourself. And it’s important to remember that, in Texas, the Prescription Monitoring Program tracks controlled substance prescriptions written throughout the state.

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Sexual Misconduct

A Texas dentist recently had his license suspended following an investigation into allegations that he had sexually assaulted a sedated patient. While such violations represent clear cases of sexual misconduct, dentists should understand that even an allegation made by a patient or employee can lead to the loss of their license.

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Overbilling or Overtreating Patients

The case of the dentist whose patient suffered brain damage under her care (mentioned above) has led to greater political scrutiny over dentists who overbill and overtreat. Both can lead to suspension or loss of license. If you’re in doubt whether your actions might constitute a violation, please contact our qualified, insightful Texas license defense lawyers immediately for a confidential consultation.

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