Have you received a complaint notice from your Texas licensing board? If your professional license is under attack by a state agency or licensing board, you are likely under stress and wondering what you need to do to protect your career.
The following are five more frequently asked questions about license defense and what to do if you’re dealing with a formal complaint. Read our recently published article 5 Texas License Defense FAQs to learn more.
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  1. How can a professional license defense attorney help me?

A professional license defense attorney can help you defend your license against attack by a licensing board. Your attorney can help you:

  • Properly respond to allegations of misconduct.
  • Protect your rights.
  • Mount a strong defense.
  • Show that your actions were in compliance with board rules and state law.
  • Avoid costly appeals.

The attorneys at BERTOLINO LLP know how to build a compelling case to protect your license – and your livelihood. We know how to navigate the complaint process, gather evidence, question witnesses, and prepare powerful defenses against allegations of misconduct.

  1. Who can I talk to about receiving a complaint notice?

You can talk to your attorney about the complaint and allegations pending against you. Communications between you and your attorney are protected by attorney-client privilege.

Understand that other people you speak to, including family or colleagues, about the complaint may be called as witnesses to testify against you and asked questions about what you said. Further, anything you say to board staff or its investigator can be used against you. Even if you believe the case against you to be baseless, it is important that you be cautious about what you say and to whom you say it. The best course of action is to speak only to your license defense attorney about the complaint and investigation.

  1. What happens if I ignore the board’s complaint notice?

The consequences of ignoring a notice or request for a response, information, or documents vary depending on the licensing board. The fact is, failure to respond to a board complaint or investigation may result in adverse action against your license, including license suspension or revocation.

In some cases not responding is treated as essentially admitting guilt. Further, failure to respond may result in sanctions or some other disciplinary action that may not have otherwise been imposed. Certain Texas licensing boards have rules that make failure to respond to a board complaint a violation of the board’s rules, which can give rise to additional sanctions.

  1. Doesn’t hiring an attorney just make me look guilty?

No. Hiring a professional license defense attorney helps to protect your license, reputation, financial interests, and your career. It shows the board that you are taking the allegations seriously. When an attorney is by your side it shows that you are dedicated to protecting your license and ready to fight to protect your career.

  1. Why should I hire the professional license defense attorneys at BERTOLINO LLP?

Our attorneys are experienced with license defense, board rules, administrative law, state and federal laws, and the interplay between these disciplines. We understand how each Texas state licensing board operates.

BERTOLINO LLP attorneys have consistently won significant cases for doctors, nurses, lawyers, architects, pharmacists and other professionals dealing with issues that could jeopardize their ability to work.
We provide aggressive advocacy for our clients who are facing disciplinary action from a licensing board, agency, or commission in Texas. Our Firm has an impeccable reputation throughout the Lone Star State. Founder and Managing Partner, Tony R. Bertolino holds a 10 Superb top attorney Avvo Rating.
In our recently published article 5 Texas License Defense FAQs we answered the following questions:

  • I received a complaint letter informing me that I’m being investigated by a Texas state licensing Board. What does this mean?
  • What are my legal options after receiving a complaint notice?
  • Now that the licensing board is investigating me, what will happen next?
  • Should I call the Board to ask questions about what will happen next?
  • Do I really need an attorney?

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