Firefighters are true Texas heroes. We honor and admire the risks they must routinely take to keep Texans safe and protect our homes and properties. The road they travel to become a firefighter is no picnic either—which is why it can be genuinely troubling when a firefighter is forced to defend their right to continue practicing their lifesaving job.
The licensure of firefighters in Texas is governed by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. This organization is charged with managing the licensing and regulating the profession, which includes investigating complaints filed by members of the public. The Commission has been granted the authority to discipline firefighters for misconduct, using forms of censure up to and including the possibility of suspension or even revocation of their license—which would, of course, mean the loss of livelihood and career.
The types of misconduct the Commission investigates are many, but may include such allegations as use of controlled substances while on duty; instances of failing to follow the safety protocols required by the profession; the abuse of allocations of benefits such as overtime or sick leave; and engaging in criminal behavior.
After having received a complaint alleging rules violations, the Commission undertakes a thirty-day investigation. If it finds some sort of activity it deems worthy of disciplinary action; it makes its determination of the proper discipline by considering factors such as the seriousness of the alleged violation, the firefighter’s history of compliance with rules, the risk to the safety or other firefighters created by the firefighter’s actions, and any factors that may serve to mitigate the alleged behavior.
If a complaint does get filed against a firefighter’s license alleging breach of one of these regulations or obligations, they should contact a qualified professional license defense attorney at the earliest possible moment. That’s the best way to ensure the best possible outcome to the complaint process.
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