June 6 The Dangers of Procrastinating When Facing Allegations of Misconduct

If you have been notified of allegations of professional misconduct filed against you, we understand you may feel overwhelmed. It is not uncommon for a person to try to ignore the notice, but that is a mistake. Allegations of professional misconduct need to be faced head-on and defended against from the start. Your career and livelihood are at stake. As soon as you are notified that a complaint has been filed against you, contact a license defense attorney immediately.
There are many dangers inherent in procrastinating when facing allegations of professional misconduct.
Outright Dismissal of Allegations
It may be possible to get an outright dismissal of allegations against you. Shutting down the allegations from the start is the ideal case outcome. This can only be achieved by defending against the allegations from the start.
Our law firm, BERTOLINO LLP, often secures a dismissal of allegations with a single move. Recently, we went up against the Texas Board of Dental Examiners.  Our client, an Orthodontist, was alleged to have breached the standard of care. We shut down this allegation immediately, securing an outright dismissal after submitting our proprietary case-opener – the notorious Response Packet. We stopped the complaint in its tracks, and protected our client’s license at minimal cost.
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Negotiating a Resolution
It may be possible to negotiate a resolution in your case if there is sufficient time to work through the negotiation process. If you wait to hire an attorney until a week before a hearing, or two days before a response is due, then you are limiting your attorney’s ability to get you the best possible outcome in your case.
Mitigating Damage with Remedial Measures
In some cases, certain actions can be taken to mitigate the damage from certain allegations. For example, if you are under investigation for drug or alcohol misuse, an attorney can advise you on steps to show that you’re engaged in rehabilitation efforts prior to the hearing. If you wait too long to consult with an attorney, there may not be sufficient time for you to take remedial measures.
Our Firm believes that immediately consulting an experienced professional license defense attorney to review allegations of misconduct helps ensure the most favorable outcome in your case. Our results speak for themselves.
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