This week marks the start of the 2014 Major League Baseball season. We are only around 160 games away from learning who will play in this year’s World Series. Are you hoping for big things from the Houston Astros or Texas Rangers this year? By this time next month, I imagine those storylines already will be much clearer.

As ballparks around the country welcome eager fans-parents taking kids their first game, old timers who haven’t missed a first pitch in thirty years, and former Little League players who want to remember those glory days-I thought about the ways in which the practice of law resembles the great game of baseball.

First, unlike basketball or football, baseball is a slow, methodical game. There is not usually a frenzy of activity but steady efforts. Similarly in lawsuits, there are often periods of seeming inactivity as documents are gathered or reviewed and court deadlines linger in the distance. Each step of the procedure must be followed precisely with an awareness of what those around you are doing at all times.

Second, there may be times when you disagree with the umpire. Some of the more animated managers in baseball are known to exit the dugout and kick up some dirt when they don’t like a call. Similar tactics are not recommended in a courtroom. Judges are fair and experienced men and women of law, and there will be times that they interpret language or precedent different than you. Accept this as part of the amazing judicial system that is a fundamental part of our country.

Lastly, sometimes you hit a home run. On the days that I walk out of a mediation or courtroom and know that my client is getting the compensation he deserves or that a custody agreement in the best interest of the children has been approved, it feels fantastic. And, those moments are only possible due to working as just one member of a great team.
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