What are the most dangerous impairments for a person who is behind the steering wheel of a car? For many of us, drinking alcohol is likely the first problem that comes to mind. We know that deciding to have a few drinks and then drive a car is not smart. Texting while driving also has gotten rightful publicity recently, with some studies now showing that the distraction of reading or answering a text can be worse for a driver than alcohol consumption. There also are other issues like applying makeup, turning around to talk to children, reading a map and so on.
But what happens when you decide to drive after not getting a good night of sleep? National Drowsy Driving Prevention week just ended, and the need to discuss this problem is very real.
Did you know that more than 100,000 car crashes, resulting in approximately 1500 deaths, are reported in this country every year? And, in a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation, sixty-percent of drivers admitted to driving while sleepy at some point in the past year and an astounding thirty-seven percent shared that they actually fell asleep.
It’s easy to see how these circumstances come about. You have a restless night of sleep but you still need to be at the office at 8:00am. So, you hope that large coffee will keep you alert enough for the drive. Or, maybe you’ve decided to drive through the night to reach your parents’ house to start a holiday weekend. Turning up the radio a little louder and chugging yet another soda is not a substitute for taking a rest and finishing the trip in the morning.
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