Families with a large number of children have received a great deal of media attention recently. Two of the most popular shows on The Learning Channel are Jon and Kate Plus 8 and 17 Kids and Counting , both of which (as is obvious from the titles) deal with a dinner table that is crowded with offspring. Television viewers are fascinated by parents who choose to have a house overflowing with kids. However, one mother who has received a great deal of negative attention in the past few weeks is Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets last month after conceiving the children through in-vitro fertilization. Critics are outraged that she already has six other children at home, is unmarried, and has no source of income other than what she receives from the government. However, Ms. Suleman is not the only person in the story who is the recipient of angry commentary. The doctor who performed the procedure, Dr. Michael Kamrava, is having his ethics and medical standing questioned.
The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, in conjunction with the Medical Board of California, is investigating Dr. Kamrava and whether or not he violated the organization’s guidelines. With each of Suleman’s pregnancies, Dr. Kamrava implanted six embryos. These implantations resulted in four single births, a set of twins, and now the octuplets. The normal procedure for a woman the age of Suleman calls for implanting no more than three embryos. Did Dr. Kamrava violate the standard of care that we should expect from our medical professionals? Did he make a responsible decision in providing this service to a woman with six other children and no gainful employment? The state medical board will review these questions and if the answers are “yes,” the doctor can be censured with the violation placed on his record.
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